Propane Conversions
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Propane Conversion Kits

Simply put: We convert small engines (1000cc or less) from gasoline to propane.

Our Propane Conversion Kits

We supply propane conversion kits for Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard Engines. We have engineered an amazing system that beats strict emissions standards and enable you to lower fuel costs and engine maintenance.

Improved Performance

Our engine conversion service optimizes the performance of your small engines.

Cost Savings

Propane offers significant cost savings over gasoline & requires less maintenance.

Environmental Responsibility

Converting to propane significantly reduces harmful emissions.

Fuel Availability

Propane is widely available across the USA, ensuring fuel supply for your operations.

Built for: Construction & Concrete Industry • Lawn Care Industry

Programs & Incentives

Contractors interested in propane-powered equipment can take advantage of incentives to make the switch even easier. Incentives are available from both the Propane Education & Research Council and many local organizations.

The Power of Propane.

Propane is cleaning up emissions and cutting costs.

No matter the size of your mower fleet, propane can transform your business by affecting the bottom line. This cleaner fuel gives you an edge in marketing to customers, while the easy refueling options keep your crew more productive.

Propane in Action.

See what Stone Mountain Gold Club thinks.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A Greener Way to Do Business.

Propane has convenient refueling options for small, medium, and large mower fleets. Typically small to medium sized fleets set up a cylinder exchange where cylinders are replaced by their propane supplier on a regular basis. Larger operations often work with their propane supplier to install on-site dispensing stations at their business.

Contact us at Propane Power Systems to discuss fueling options that are available to you. Then reach out to your mower dealer to determine whether purchasing new equipment or converting your existing fleet is the best option. Don’t forget to apply for the Propane Mower Incentive Program.

Twelve of the leading mower brands offer propane models. Contact your mower dealer to learn what propane models are available to you.

Cut Expenses with Clean, American Propane.

Construction Industry

Commercial Mowers

Concrete Industry

Propane is the
Name of the Game

Propane is cleaning up emissions & cutting costs.

We have engineered an amazing system that lowers emissions standards and enable you to lower fuel costs and engine maintenance.