Conversion Kits

Propane Conversions for Your Application.

EPA / CARB certified propane conversions for Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines. We have engineered an amazing system that lowers emissions standards and enable you to lower fuel costs and engine maintenance.

Built for: Construction & Concrete Industry • Lawn Care Industry

Propane Power System’s (PPS) OEM Dealer Conversion Program.

This program is for OEMs that need a solution for their customers wanting propane applications, but aren’t ready / committed to building / offering a factory direct propane application. It’s a program that also benefits engine manufacturers for the same reason.

Baseline Work
Necessary to Execute

  • PPS converts and re-certifies the engine (CARB / EPA) to run on propane. (Becoming the MOR when the engine is converted by the dealer.)
  • PPS creates an engine conversion kit that will include:

— Parts necessary for the engine conversion.

— Hard copy work instructions as well as a supporting video. (Approved by manufacturer.)

— An owner’s manual that includes emissions warranty information as well as instructions / safety information related to filling the propane tanks.

  • PPS works with the OEM to create a conversion kit that will include:

— Parts necessary to complete the conversion.

— Hard copy work instructions as well as a supporting video. (Approved by the OEM.)

  • PPS develops a personalized “one on one” OEM dealer training program that covers / provides:

— Engine / conversion training, including instructions covering the process / procedure for reporting engine serial number information necessary for warranty verification. (Serial number information will be provided to manufacturer.)

— As stated, hard copy and video work instructions are provided for future reference.

— Warranty process / procedure clearly defining what PPS covers, what manufacturer covers, and what the OEM covers. (Manufacturer will be responsible for only the area of the engine not “touched” by the propane fuel.)

— Any safety and state regulated training necessary to become a “propane certified” dealer.

— This personalized training provides a “face with a name” relationship that is necessary for a successful program

Conversion Kits

Call for detailed ordering and spec. information

Jake Coker
Director of Propane Applications
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Programs & Incentives

Contractors interested in propane-powered equipment can take advantage of incentives to make the switch even easier. Incentives are available from both the Propane Education & Research Council and many local organizations.

Improved Performance

Our engine conversion service optimizes the performance of your small engines.

Cost Savings

Propane offers significant cost savings over gasoline & requires less maintenance.

Environmental Responsibility

Converting to propane significantly reduces harmful emissions.

Fuel Availability

Propane is widely available across the USA, ensuring fuel supply for your operations.